Sunday, January 22, 2006

Recent part time job

What do you think about your boss at your part time job? Actually, not only me, but also almost all members of my part time job hate our boss.
My part time job is the delivery Sushi restraunt and about fifteen people work there. The full-time worker is only the orner and the others are all part time jobs.
My boss came to our restraunt last June and from then, he has been hated by all of us. There are a lot of factor to make us hate him; he is selfish, childish, furious temper, unrespecable and irresponsibly. I think the definition of the good boss is reliable, moderate and has a sense of responsibility.
My boss is so hated that we informed the manager, whose status is the superior to our boss, to make him dismissal.
What do you think about your boss? My case is rare, but if you encounter like my case, I reccomend you to adapt this case, and if you cannot endure that, you should quit this job.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

During winter vacation!!

Hi!! Everyone!! Long time no see~(*^。^*)
How did you spend during winter vacation!? I did a lot of things, so I could not study enough...(~_~;) Anyway, I will tell you how my winter vacation was.
First, I went to Korea from 26th to 29th Dec. I went there with my circle member and this member was consisted of 7 girls, included Chika!! Korea was sooooo cold (about 10 degrees below zero at night...) but Chika did not wear much clothes!!"^_^" I could not believe that!! So, I borrow her some clothes and kairo. One of my friend and I have been majoring the Korean class since we were the first grade. Therefore, we can tell the other members some Korean and we tried to speak to Korean in Korea positively. Surprisingly, the other members could speak Korean soon and easily, especially Chika mastered Korean at once!!>^_^<> I want to travel there to speak Korean and to know about Koera. There are a lot of good people and delicious foods!! I will continue to write about my winter vacation!! Maybe next is my sooooo hard part time job...
See You~(^^♪

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Recent what I was glad events☆

I fogot to write blog by due day again... (~_~;)
Anyway, there were and are going to be a lot of events around me!! First, I had a quarrel with my boy friend and we almost broke up, but we were thinking about ourselves again and found the solution.(*^^)v We finally recovered and after the school on Friday, we went to Sijyo by bike. He gave me a present and I was so happy, but after that, he was depressed because he cannot buy what he want because he lives by himsselves and he is lack of money...(ーー;) Therefore, I wanted to encourage him and I gave him a black jacket yesterday. He pleased very much and I also glad and I was crying to be moved...(^_^;)haha
From next week, I have a lot of plans; the birthday party for Eriko, the party of my circle, X'mas and Korea!! I will be so hard, but I look forward to doing them(^_-)-☆I will write about them again in detail(*^。^*)See you~~~~(^^♪

Thursday, December 08, 2005

About Love

What do you think about "Love" ?? I think there are many opinions for this topic and my opinion also has been changing whenever I fall in love. For example, when I was high school student, I liked handsome and cool guys. However, I changed my opinion when I enter this university. I am belonging the soccor circle and in last winter, I fell in love one of the circle member. I cannot say he is handsome or cool, but I was happy to be with him and I was always laughing. I thought the face is not connected with love but the character is important.
Now still I don't think that face is important but my type is changing little by little. Recentry, I think when I can be as I am to be with one person, the person is good for me. I don't have to hide my feeling and I can be secure to be with him.
I think the morment that people fall in love is differect but I think it is usual. I wrote about love but I cannot write all of them. I want to write about it someday, again!! Sorry, I come not understand what I want to write.... Anyway, see yah!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

my future

Do you think about your future? Recentry, I often think about my future and I try to make my dream come true. But, it's difficult to study hard because I do not have my free time and I decided not to study abroad. I researched about working holiday in internet, but I realized that I have no time to go abroad for a long time. I have been to Australia once and I thought I cannot improve my English or some skill only for three weeks. Therefore, I want to go abroad at least for three months, but I don't have enough time... so, recentry I am wondering what I should do. I have friends who are exchanged studants but they will not be in Japan for a long time so I do not have oppotunities to have a relationship with foreign people.
To study abroad was my dream so I want to do someday, so now I think I can go abroad after my graduation and durning the work. Therfore I will enjoy my univercity life over studying English and after I can work at the workplace where I've wanted to work, I want to go abroad. I'm wondering if I can work what I've wanted to, but I will do my best!! To make my dream true, I have to take a TOEFL.... Let's do our best!! See You(#^.^#)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Colored leaves

Have you ever been to see colord leaves?? (^^)v
Recentry, many leaves turn to red, orange and yellow and I'm always moved by them. I live in Uji and it is good to see colored leaves but I have never been to see them. I did not think that colored leave is not good like cherry blossam. But I recently realized that colored leaves is also good♪
Today, I was invited by one of my circle's friends to go to see colored leaves but I have a part time job... I wanted to go there... (ーー;)However, I promised with my boyfriend to go somewhere!! I believe him that he certainly takes me to go to see colored leaves.(^^♪

Anyway, I will go to drink with my friends when I was high school tomorrow!!(^_-)-☆ I look forward to seeing them. We hold our party once a month and whenever we meet, we talk about our news. I want to listen my friend's news and I want to tell them my news. It is held in Sijyo in Kyoto and the night Sijyo is dangerous so I must take care about strangers!!(~_~;) So, I will enjoy my weekend!!! See Yah(*^。^*)

Thursday, November 17, 2005


This time, I will write about cooking!! Do you cook usually? Can you say that you can cook daliciously?? I cannot say I can cook but I always say I do my best to make dalicious food if I'm ask whether I can cook or not. This is true and I cook once or twice a week for myself, my family and my boyfriend. I cooked a lot of food, for example; an omelet containing fried rice, udon, Chinese meat dumpling, and so on. I cannot always make delicious but I try again and again so I don't say I cannot cook on purpose. Tommorrow, I will cook hamburger stake and potato salad for my family and boyfriend. I want them say very dalicious so I will do my best!! I will buy ingredients after school and as soon as I come home, I will start cooking.
From now on, I want to continue to cook so I will challange for various kind of foods and repeat to cook them until I can make without recipe. I want to cook for my future children and make them say delicious. So, if you want to cook but you cannot because of some reason, I recommend you to cook from easy food to make. And, when you have enough time, you can cook difficult one. If you try to cook delicious food, let's cook togather and improve our cooking skill!!